About Me

I was born in Whittier, California and raised in the city of Orange. My dad is German and my mom, who is one of the major role models in my life, is from the La Habra/Whittier area. I have a younger sister; a wife, two kids and even a dog and a cat, but we’ll get to that later.

When I was a kid, my parents were in property management in Los Angeles and North Orange Counties. My parent’s examples of hard work and determination are positive contributions to my career in real estate.

Since the age of five, I have loved baseball. I played First and Third Bases, in addition to Catcher; lettering all four years at Orange High School. Thanks to the experience of the sport, I gained so many valuable lessons with regards to hard work, leadership, and discipline that are imperative to my success as a REALTOR.

In 1996, I joined the workforce at Disneyland Resort and spent the better part of the next fifteen years there. I began my career on the operations side of the entertainment division and quickly worked my way up into management roles.

Excelling at a company like Disney, taught me an unmeasurable amount about business and professionalism; about leadership, service, and hard work, which has been instrumental to my current career in real estate.

I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from California State University Fullerton.

In 2011, I decided to venture into the real estate business and never looked back.

After countless clients and successful business transitions, I can assure you that every day I live by my motto, “Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism” to which I am 100% dedicated. I strive to set the highest standards in communication, attention, and service, because that’s what my clients deserve!

Even though real estate is the tool that I utilize to achieve success, my family is the motivation that drives me professionally. Twenty-one years ago, I met my wife, Adriana. We have a daughter named Sofia Alessandra and a son named Sebastian Samuel. Our family also includes Karma, a golden lab and Mando, the most gentle cat in the world.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love nothing more than to lend my knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors. I hope you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and be part of your next adventure.