I was born in Whittier, California and was primarily raised in the city of Orange. My dad was born and raised in Germany and moved to the United States when he was eighteen to pursue the American Dream. My mom, who is one of the major role models in my life, is originally from the La Habra/Whittier area. I have one sister who is ten years younger, that was also born and raised in this same area.

While I was growing up, my parents were in property management for apartment buildings around South Los Angeles and North Orange Counties. In their professions, my dad focused on maintaining the units and my mom took care of the administrative side of the operations. My parent’s examples of hard work and determination, as well as their involvement in property management, are definitely positive contributions to my career in real estate.

At five years old, I started playing baseball and was immediately 110% dedicated to the sport through junior college, lettering all four years at Orange High School. I played First and Third Bases, in addition to Catcher. I was named as Captain for my team, and the entire experience of the sport shaped who I would become for the rest of my life. I gained so many valuable lessons with regards to hard work, leadership, and discipline that are imperative to my success as a REALTOR®.

Following my baseball career, I decided to join the workforce. In 1995, I was hired on at Disneyland Resort and spent the better part of the next fifteen years there. I began my career at “the Happiest Place on Earth” as an hourly cast member on the operations side of the entertainment division. I enjoyed my work and quickly worked my way up into management roles where I oversaw the administrative elements of the creative cast members. 

In 2005, after about ten years at the company, I moved from the Resort side to a Property Management Leadership role at Downtown Disney. In this position, I basically served as a Landlord to external tenants for the neighborhood, overseeing the operations, leasing, and administrative duties the successful operation and expansion of the community. I was the direct, in-person representative for the Executive Leadership for Disney Company, so this position carried a lot of responsibility, as well as a tremendous amount of pride!

Excelling at a company like Disney, one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world, taught me an unmeasurable amount about business and professionalism. While rising up the ranks of management, I learned even more about leadership, service, and hard work. If baseball was the foundation of who I would become as an adult, then the Disney company allowed me to apply those characteristics in a business environment, which has been instrumental to my current career in real estate.

During my time with Disney, I enrolled at California State University Fullerton, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, which was a tremendous asset not only to my rapid rise in the ranks of the company, but also very useful in my current career in real estate. My education granted me the fundamental knowledge of business practices and processes, to add to the intangible skills I received from my Baseball career, and the application of that knowledge and those skills during my time at Disney, which I gives me a pretty well rounded and in-depth approach to business and real estate!

While I cherished my career at the Disney Corporation, I started to feel that I needed a change professionally. I had always been interested in Real Estate and while working as the Property Manager for Downtown Disney, my interest in the field peaked even more. Then I had a good friend who approached me about joining him in pursuing a real estate license, so I jumped at the opportunity, and in 2011 I earned my license, and never looked back!

My past career and experiences, as well as my six years in real estate, have led me to a motto that I live by every day, both personally and in business, which is that I am 100% dedicated to “Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism.” I am always completely open and honest with everyone that I encounter, because honesty is the foundation to any relationship. I also believe in integrity, because I will always do the right thing for my family, friends, and clients. Professionalism is also extremely important to me. I strive to set the highest standards in communication, attention, and service, because that’s what my clients deserve!

Even though real estate is the tool that I utilize to achieve success, my family is the motivation that drives me professionally. Twenty years ago, I met my wife, Adriana while she was working for a telemarketing company.  We started dating shortly after and were married in 2004. Five years ago, we welcomed our daughter, Sofia, and in 2015, our son, Sebastian, joined our family. While our children are obviously vital pieces of our family unit, it is not complete without our six year old Golden Labrador, KARMA, and our two year old cat, Mando.

Needless to say, our house is full of life and love, and I think that the balance between family and real estate is a very important aspect of my success in this field!

I would love nothing more than to lend my knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors, but I don’t expect your business simply because of our relationship—I only ask that you take the time to reach out to me for any Real Estate needs you may have to enable me to provide you with the best guidance possible.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. When you or someone you know is in need of a real estate agent, I hope you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and interview for the job.

Erich Roden